Stories I Never Told My Daughter

Humorous and witty, light and scarily dark, a romp through the drug filled, criminal, artistic, adventuresome thirteen years of a scamp, artist, seeker of truth, and drop dead junkie whose social mobility had him hanging out with gangters, artists, diplobrats, and more – a gamut of human experience more entertaining because it is entirely true.

• Written by Chuck Galle (@chuckgalle)
• Edited by Chris Clark (@ecc1977,
• Marketing and Media by: Leslie Poston, Uptown Uncorked (@leslie, or
• Web Design and Book Cover by: Kinney Hill (@kinneyhill,
• Published by Backchannel Press (
• Kindle Edition coming soon!

What People are Saying

“A remarkable trip through an uncharted life. Survived and transformed. A non-stop read.”
~Audrey Jackson, Again Books

“Stories I Never Told My Daughter is storytelling at its finest. It is written with grace and filled with humility and humble emotional power.”
~Chris Bujold

“Galle leads a page-turning tour of drug induced mayhem, comedic cock-ups and incredible heartbreak – yet somehow leaves us with a profound insight into the best of humanity.”
~John Herman, JohnHerman.Org

“After 30 years of filmmaking, I thought I’d heard it all – until I met Chuck, a master storyteller who has lived a full life, and he tells it all – the good and the bad, father issues, family abandonment, drugs, alcohol, mob relations, check kiting, redemption, success. How vivid the stories are, the sadness, the humor, the reality – it’s all there, with no apologies. He doesn’t just tell stories, he relives each and every one of them. Beware: when you pick up this book you will not put it down.”
~Jim White, filmmaker