Multiverses – an Essay

Quantum physicists, sci-fi writers and interested laypeople like to talk about multiverses. We have  multiverses right here on earth:

There are probably several  million people copulating on earth right now, and neither you nor I are included, unless you copulate while reading goofy essays.

Who knows if while you are waiting in the doctor’s office more time than should be necessary he isn’t back there boffing his nurse or a patient.

Aside from the several wars most of us know about how many other wars are going on in the world you know nothing of? Wars in which a primary weapon is the rape and murder of young women in front of their families, each of whom will be subsequently raped and murdered down to the last person who will then be sentenced to live with those memories forever. Wars in which the primary weapon are viruses and spy wares crawled bloodlessly into the enemy’s super-secure computers to record and send back every keystroke confidently recording their most hidden plans. And the other conventional ones.

And lest we forget the diplomats who diligently negotiate problems that seem on the surface to you and to me to be dirt simple, but instead are impacted by nuances of culture, politics, psychology, sociology, history, security, ethics, morality, religion, distrust, good will and bad will, until the situation is more tangled than differential calculus.

There are probably a few hundred million seriously disabled children in the world. How many families in the world go through their lives, irrespective of how sympathetic they may be, having no idea what it is to have a child with spina bifida, cleft lip and palate, the various D’s , cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, fatal allergies, dwarfism, obesity, Tourette Syndrome, cancer, heart defects, cystic fibrosis, Downs Syndrome, or a few other devastating conditions. And the flip side of that universe, of course, is that none of those families know what it is to have all relatively normal children.

The universes on the planet earth are experiential.

How many people in the world do you suppose have never had nor will a pet of any kind. Who’ll never know the joy and comfort, heartache and problems that a pet can involve.

How many people in the world have known an artist, musician, dancer, actor, writer, sculptor, poet,. Right this minute how many people in this world are doing one of those things in a way that is so distant from the way anyone else in history has ever done them so as to suggest it might even a different art form?

Right now some several hundred people in the world  are dealing with understanding and proving their understanding of the building blocks of the entire universe, and possibly other universes that exist within and without this universe. They are dealing with concepts so complicated they cannot explain them to most of the world in ways that most of the world can understand. They walk and talk and play tennis and get laid, and use foul language, eat, relieve themselves, even look just like you and me and contained within their brains are concepts and connections we don’t know there are to have.

What part of the population have no homes? Has that percentage changed, if even statistically significantly, by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan?

Right now some several thousand people are making tools that can enter the genes in your body and repair tears that might occur from exposure to radioactivity. Have you talked to one of them lately?

In America, there is a lawyer for every two hundred sixty five people. When did you last use a lawyer?

How many people in the world do not believe the most basic tenets of the religion they profess belief in, but will never admit that fact, often even to themselves?

Yeh – we have plenty of universes right on here on earth. And this list just a start.

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